Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Put Something There Pt. II

Assignment: Put an object on something mobile.

GOAL: To push the boundaries of the assignment, do something unexpected.


I chose to push the ENVELOPE on this one and as my project description unravels you may get that terrible joke. When thinking of things I could do for this project I first started to think about what object I would put somewhere. I wanted to use an object that had some sort of meaning, not just a waffle iron or something like that. So I thought and thought and really couldn't think of an object I was willing to sacrifice to a mobile form of transportation. I was thinking maybe I'll create an object then, and since I'm fond of writing why not write something cool and post it on some form of transportation.

I realized that every mobile thing I thought of pasting this paper to was pretty bland. Bus, Car, Train, Bike, I figured a lot of people would be doing that and it would be sort of recycled. So I tried to push the ENVELOPE (oh man) by enclosing a poem I wrote about my weekend into a letter, and mailing it to one of my friends I visited this past weekend.


The object is the Letter/Poem, the mobile transportation is the USPS (united states postal service). As of 5pm collection time my letter will become mobile. AND if for some reason my friends address is incorrect then it will become mobile once again back to my apartment. I also thought it would be interesting to instruct my friend to add to the poem and send it to a friend Chain Letter style, thus making this LETTER MOBILE possibly forever.

(pictures to be posted soon, poem below)

We're Always Chasing the Weekends

I've visited old friends

driven hours on end despite

how hard my legs slept

Through blinding strings of rain

windows fogged and a tank on empty

I still remembered

how to get there

When I did It felt surreal to be

where I used to be

Couldn't picture myself there now

See the things that never change

and those that are ever changing

I was greeted with teeth and laughter

some didn't even recognize

Appeared and disappeared

from various bars

loosing track of time and the world

Watched the sun strings

tip toe round each sky spear

from the fifteenth floor

atop the earth in this forty story building

Stood in the rain for hours

the same rain that met my car

earlier in the night

I started to return with New York City

under my fingernails,

Boston in my heart,

Philly in my sights,

and California on my mind

Monday, October 16, 2006


To create a personal and portable tool used to aclimate visitors, or aid people that are looking for directions in the city.

Methods and Means: Upon arrival to a new city, or readily available at newstands are brochures that contain special plugs that hook up to your Ipod. These plugs that contain special RFID tags which locate your position and relay information straight to your Ipod for your listening.

-Upon entering a new city, facts, and all things relative to the city are relayed to you Ipod.
-Directions: An "OnStar-Like" map will display your location as you advance through the city.
-Information: Shopping, Restaurants, Up to Date Attractions
- Photos will appear on your Ipod to ensure you get to the right place.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Samurai Warriors on Monday Night Football

Eagles vs. Packers Monday Night Football Opening. I worked on the crew that filmed this.

Here are some low quality stills from my camera phone during the samurai scene.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


- "Put Something There" Project -
This is the base of a Batman Returns electric toothbrush. I have had it since I was young, it still has the same batteries. The place is the Rocket Cat Cafe near my apartment. Batman is a representation of how my imagination began to form when I was little. Rocket Cat is a place of inspiration, where I can relax and write in quiet, where my imagination continues to form today.

Note: Music is performed by my friend's band

Sir Edmund Scientific

also check his other band out:

Gnome Man's Land

Sunday, September 24, 2006

September 22-24

I wish every weekend was like this past weekend. A friend from home appropriately nicknamed Good Man came down to visit from CT. The weekend was a fun-filled extravaganza. Friday night we had Fishtown Fiesta 06' at my apt.. Some familiar neighborhood narratives faces were in attendance. Saturday was action packed at 1:20pm I went to my first Phillies game.

Now I just have to catch a flyers game to complete the cycle. Post-Game dinner was eaten at Continental Mid-Town. After dinner we went to the Bridge and saw Jackass 2, which was entertaining to say the least. The night culminated with Good Man, Myself, and "the Captain" making it happen at Johhny Brenda's. A guy that looked like this:

...destroyed me in a game of pool at the bar.

All in all it was a crazyrelaxingentertaining weekend. I'm trying to enjoy them while I have them, because once Senior Film kicks into full gear there won't be too many more free weekends.

Question: Anyone have any good ideas for jobs that are flexible and consistent? Right now I work catering but work is not often enough, it is flexible but just not regular, and not very fun. I want to work somewhere fun, pay doesn't have to be incredible, just somewhere a couple times a week regularly. Any ideas?

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

In class experience.

The different ways people mapped their characters was interesting. Everyone seemed to have a different approach. Rice was everywhere. Rubber cement made my eyes water, nothing like getting high and creating a narrative. I feel bad for whoever has to carry our creations around, especially our project.

I think this assignment was more about identity than geography or mapping or any of that. Everyone had their definition of their characters identity, whether it was based on stereotyping, experience, or whatever.

On an other note:

(From left to right- Mountains, Grass, Trees, Sky, and Clouds)

I finally got pictures from my roadtrip this summer online if you click the Photos link you can check them out. I'm still waiting to get my film processed from my SLR shots that I took, those should be way better and less "hey theres something cool snap it quick". If you want, check out the MySpace too and tell me if you hate my songs, that would be BOSS (i'm bringing that word back)... they are older and new ones should be up soon.
Also I'm selling my soul for 2 easy payments of $29.95!

PS. - Crazy for Swayze film festival every Monday, 5am projected on the Delaware River.....all you fans be there or you definitely are not CRAZY for SWAYZE!

Monday, September 18, 2006

(Photo Taken August 18, 2006, North of Los Angeles County)


I read by firelight

the California forest fire
Danced in and out of the shadows

My face warm from the glow
My body cold from the air conditioning

I write by moonlight


no light


The starless sky is the weight on my eyes

I sleep to the sounds

of engines


and the spanish language

tucked in by the hills.

I think about things of importance
staggered by other thoughts

I just wait

for the darkened clouds of smoke

in the sky

in my head

to dissipate.

-One of my many poems that I wrote during my trip to LA this summer.
That one was on a bus back from San Francisco.

-Click My Photos to check out some pics from my amazing road trip from CT to CA,
and on other stops throughout my time in California.